Homeopathy Online Course Reviews

The Online homeopathy course is a very interesting and thought encouraging one. This is a great course for persons who would like to learn about this subject. It is a very basic course, so it is not for people who already possess great knowledge of this matter unless they need to refresh on the basics. This course covers history, dilutions, sources as well as other basic “need to know” things. It is also a great course for persons who already dabble in homeopathy but never learned where it comes from.

Also in the Homeopathy Online homeopathy course is a lesson covering 4 different homeopathy medicines so it will give you a “hands on” approach. I must say, the part I enjoyed the most was a list of questions and answers from “Ask Dr. B.” These were very informative and covered the way these medicines worked instead of a standard this is what you use for such illness.
This is a well written course. Once you have finished this course, it doesn’t stop there. At the end of the course is a list of additional information and http://www.hpathy.com is a great source for information and knowledge.

Jenna Rose-Dombrowski

I just completed the online homeopathy course in homeopathy and simply loved it. Will take the test too.

I have been in touch with homeopathy infrequently since 1987 since I was a teenager and had acne problem. I thought that I knew the basics at least, but to my surprise was able to learn a couple of new things, all related to basics. Great work guys and keep it up.

I loved reading Dr. Bhatia’s replies to queries, especially his no-nonsense approach and realistic replies. I can safely predict that had he been to Oprah’s show, he would have been successful in starting his own show, just like the psychologist who did it. He too had the same stuff in him. So I can see history in the making.

Kudos to all your team and best of luck.

Muhammad Amer Khaqan
Saudi Arabia

I thought the course was great. I hope you offer more in the future.Thank you,

Recently I successfully completed and thoroughly enjoyed the course which your website has for the beginners. In my judgment the material is nicely put together and is very clear. Even though I had read some material on homeopathy on the websites and elsewhere, your course has been very useful to me in providing a good view of the classical homeopathy. I particularly liked the lucid presentation of the strengths and the weaknesses of homeopathy. I would urge you to continue this very helpful course and, maybe, add a higher-level course also.

Your website has so many dimensions and I am still in the process of becoming familiar with it. In appreciation of your website allowing me to take the online homeopathy course I soon will be sending you a donation.

With warm regards,
Mahavir Jain

Since I have been reading on my own for about a year now… nothing you had in the online homeopathy course was new to me…it was really TOO easy… but it is good refresher for me… will you be offering any harder ones in the future?


The course was very interesting and insightful. I will recommend it to my friends.

The only suggestion I can think of is that it would be nice to know which questions we got wrong.

Thank you for a great synopsis of homeopathy.


Thank you very much for the availability of on line online homeopathy course. It gave me a lot of basic information about homeopathy. In future I will take the graduation level course of Hpathy. Thanks

Talish Hussain

I would like to thank you for the homeopathy course online. I am currently studying to become a homeopath and found your site by accident. I think you have a wonderful range of information and your downloads are great.

Have you ever thought about offering a more in depth course that you charge for? Best wishes and thanks

Dear Sir,It has been my ambition since childhood to learn Homeopathy. This has been partially realized. I would like to grow up the learning ladder with a similar format. The reason being I am on VRS and unable to afford fees. I do not mind doing some kind of service if needed, somewhere near home.

Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to Thank you for having given persons like me the opportunity to study. All the very best in your endeavors.
Warm regards
R P Roy

Completed the homeopathy course and found it to be a great experience. Thank you for the chance to participate.

Best wishes,
Kay Campbell (Australia)

Dear Dr. Bhatia

I enjoyed to pass hpathy online homeopathy course. I think that you presenting more online homeopathy courses in the coming future. I m waiting for more courses on homeopathy
I am thankful to you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to know about homeopathic treatment.
Farhan, Pakistan.

Dear Dr. Bhatia, I took your Online Homeopathy Course awhile back and really enjoyed it. I have been studying homeopathy informally for some time now, and am always looking for more knowledge and new viewpoints on the subject. …Thanks!
-Rebecca Keifer

Well Dr.B
That was a great course that you designed. I really enjoy the information. It has inspired me to go on and do further study in this area or even a career change. It was really easy and clear in its
understanding. Thanks for that!!! It’s a great service that you are providing to the art and science of homeopathy. Thank you for the journey

Dear Sir,

I really enjoyed the course. It was very detailed and at the end I had learnt a lot from the course. I feel that the course should have had more chapters for us to learn more.

Apart from this Online homeopathy course you should have at least one different course on Homoepathy such as the first aid.
Thank you very much,

I thought the course was a very good one for introductory and beginner level! As I missed two questions, I would have found it helpful to know which two I missed, however!!

I have printed out your homepage and will be presenting it to my study group for the new people to visit. I think it will be very helpful to them. Thank you for offering this course/test online. We definitely need more information like this to spur us on to study and learn.

Peace and health,
Barbara Heck

I very much like the course. It was very informative and as an introductory homeopathy course did a very good job of defining and describing homeopathy. I would have liked it more if it was longer and more in depth. I would be willing to take any other course that you or another may offer in alternative/holistic/naturopathic/ayurvedic medicine. If you know of any other similar courses, I would much appreciate being informed of them.
Most Respectfully
David Gutierrez

Morning. I found the course interesting basic but a good ground line, need to do a lot more reading. I feel I am not quite sure about dosage. Look forward to being in touch with you.

Lesley Jones

I loved the course! Dr. Bhatia provides great insight into the proper use of homeopathy and how effective this healing system is. He also did a great job of dispelling any myths about the use of the medicine, and was able to direct me on a safe, sensible approach to benefiting from this system of healing. I have self-medicated with homeopathy before, but now realize the importance of consulting a professional who understands the complexity of this method. I really enjoyed the “Ask Dr. B” sections that were included in the course and was able to get a good overview of the homeopathic approach to treating patients. Thank you for providing such an informative learning experience!

Thank you for offering such a nice foundation class. I enjoyed it very much and hope you offer more of these type of classes in the future.
Sally Papin
Oklahoma, USA

Dr Bhatia,
It’s wonderful to read and appreciate your efforts you have put forth to enlighten the minds of readers to know really about what is Homeopathy.
I was really wondering about the system of medicine which targets the body and not the disease to overcome disease. Since the process of diagnosis proving and efficacy takes relatively more time to establish people they fail to appreciate the value of this system.
This means of educating the public is one of the best tools you have adopted and I wish Homeopathy would be soon be appreciated by many who really don’t want a manipulated form of disease (said as management) but a proper cure for several ailments like Asthma, Psoriasis and so on.
I wish your vision and endeavor a grand success!
Bene D.Anand P
Senior Pharmacist

The course is fantastic, is a open door for a new future for anyone who want to be healthy, helping the body’s defence system to help itself.

I successfully completed the online homeopathy course in Homeopathic. It was very exciting and I loved it all. In my judgment, the online homeopathy course is very comprehensive for the beginners. The course content is very educative. I wish you introduce the advance course on the website, many people who love Homeopathic as an alternative medicine will certainly enroll with you. I appreciate your efforts; keep it on and greetings to your able team.
Gabriel U. Umoren, Nigeria

The Online basic course is really a gift to the people who are having interest in the world of homeopathy.
Deva Nand Pandey

Thanks to Dr. Manish Bhatia. Its a beautiful and interesting online course.
yours faithfully,
Charlie Hsiung.

I found your course to be professional and logical. Very enjoyable and enlightening. We need more courses such as this one. Thank you.

Dear Dr. B,
Your online course is too fantastic and also very good for those who takes or use this medicine, really you are too good as well as your online homeopathy course.
All the best Dr.

I think the online course in homeopathy was very informative and was easy to follow. It was full of all the information that one needs to get started in the world of homeopathic medicine. I am a nursing student and I am seriously considering going into this field of medicine. I myself have recently chosen to lead a homeopathic life style. I look forward to taking further courses in the future.
Tina Wilber, USA

I enjoyed the course tremendously and learnt a lot. Thank you Dr Bhatia for your hard work to spread the beauty of homeopathic medicine. God bless.

A very nice introductory course. Many thanks to Dr. Bhatia for putting this up on the internet. Highly recommended for people interested in Homeopathy. The list of readings for further study is especially thoughtful

I just now completed the course and I must say the material is nicely put together for a fresher.
I really appreciate the way Dr. Manish Bhatia segregated the information in different subsequent chapters and have shown how to study a drug as well as its provings.
I will be thankful to him and will be waiting for more new courses .
Mrinalini Haridas

I must say that this course was very well put together and the information was very much on key. I would recommend this online homeopathy course to anyone that have a keen interest in learning more about Homeopathic Medicine. The website was very user friendly and it was very easy to navigate back and forward through the course literature. The information was very explicit and written in everyday language for ease of understanding. Dr. Manish Bhatia have out-done himself with this online homeopathy course. I applaud you sir for a job well done and I wish to encourage others to press on and continue their studies. You have made this course open to anyone, and that is commendable. Thank you.

I enjoyed taking this course. I found the chapters easy to follow and very informative. Being a beginner in Holistic Health studies, this was a good prep for learning about homeopathy. I look forward to learning more as I advance in my studies. This site has great tools and and a wealth of information. I especially like the Q & A forum.
Sharon Leake CNC,CPI

Thank you for the online homeopathy course in homeopathy. I also appreciate the various website links and readings you provide. I hope you offer the advanced course soon so that I can build on my basic knowledge. I believe homeopathy can help so many people whose vital force has been blocked for one reason or another.
I appreciate your service, teaching us around the world that there is another way: Homeopathy. The great Hahnemann would definitely approve of your service to humanity.
Please start the new course!!!
New York, US

Thanks to Dr.B for providing such a nice and useful website for the people who want to know about Homoeopathy. The course is well designed and chapters are well described in such a way to absorb easily into our mind.
Finally I would say this website is a treasure of homeopathy information.
I heartfully wish Dr.Manish Bhatia to succeed in his future endeavours.
thanks and regards

Excellent for a basic course,Leaves you wanting to know more & more. I am hooked on to Homeopathy please start an advance course & charge
for it.Please suggest more books which are reader friendly,the language of the older books are too cumbersome I like the way you write the Materia Medica. Thank you for being a true Homeopath. May the vital force always remain very strong in you.
Dr Mohana Walambe

Astounding value! Providing Homeopathic information and training! This introduction is very similar to accredited courses offered by expensive online colleges and institutions. Please do not take my word for it … investigate this incredible website and begin your excellent homeopathic education post haste!

I have joined this online homeopathy course only a week back. I am finding it very very interesting- so little to study and so much to learn and understand. I mean the chapters are only of one page (most of them) but it has cleared homeopathy principles which thick books could not.
i am thankful to Dr B..

Your online homeopathy course in homeopathy is very useful for beginners like me and more importantly, offers information I trust. I would be interested in any other homeopathy courses you make available. Thank you for this valuable service.
Christine Yates

Thanks very much to share your knowledge and passion and to let us have an approach in homeopathy. I really enjoyed this online homeopathy course and to do the test. The next big step will be the advanced course. Best wishes to you Manish Bhatia and the rest of the team.

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