Homeopathy Foundation Course FAQ

1. Who is this homeopathy course meant for?

This online homeopathy course is an orientation course for the Homeopathy Medical System. It is meant for lay-people, patients, allopathy doctors, nurses, alternative medicine practitioners, and students who wish to know more about Homeopathy before choosing it as a career or before starting homeopathy treatment.

2. What is the duration of the homeopathy course?

The course will ideally take around three months but you can finish it early if time permits. You can also take you own time to finish the course as it gives you life-long access.

3. What is the course content?

Please see the course content here


4. What are the charges for the course?

Course Fee: $99. USD

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Homeopathy Foundation Course

5. Is this a professional homeopathy course?

No. Professional medical courses are not taught online. 🙂

6. Is this course affiliated to a University?


7. Can I practice homeopathy after I do this course?

The practice of homeopathy is governed by local laws in each country. Ideally, one should not think about practicing any form of medicine after doing a short-term foundation course or an online course or a distance education course alone. This course is a very exhaustive introduction to homeopathy for people who wish to learn about homeopathy or wish to explore homeopathy for further education or as a career or treatment option.

In India, you can practice homeopathy ONLY IF you have BHMS degree, which is a regular, full term, 5.5 year medical degree course.

8. I do not have a science/medical background, can I do this homeopathy course?

Sure! See the replies to question number 1 and 7.

9. Do you offer a certificate on course completion?

Yes, a course-completion certificate is generated online once you finish the course. You can print it.

However, you will need to pass a MCQ online test before the certificate is generated.

10. Where can I find reviews from other students?

Here 🙂

Homeopathy Online Course Reviews

Please remember it is not a diploma or a degree.

Register for this exhaustive and highly praised course today for ONLY $99 (Rs. 6750 INR approx) !

Homeopathy Foundation Course